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Dec 25, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome to this final episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series. It has been such a joy sharing and engaging with you each week. I sincerely hope you’ve found the information we’ve discussed over these last 52 episodes to be valuable – it certainly will be if it helps you save your current job, advance higher in your career or even find a better job.

In this final episode, I want to talk about something that seems to be on a lot of minds these days. Uncertainty. In today’s political and financial economic climate, there is a lot of uncertainty that can affect your job and future opportunities. So I’d like to leave you with some things you can do to economy-proof your career.

Show highlights:

  • A mindset shift you must make regarding uncertainty that will set you apart from all the nervous ninnies ... (2:16)
  • The type of employee companies really want to hire and keep, especially in uncertain times – this one tip will make you stand out like a pearl among marbles (3:17)
  • Fifteen things you must begin doing to remain focused and resilient (3:58)
  • The absolute best time to reach out to people who you think can help your career and how to get them to want to help you (5:22)
  • Your employer is not a two-bit clown hired for your fourth birthday party. Don’t expect them to be responsible for this key job satisfaction component ... (6:15)
  • You’re more than likely missing huge opportunities by not connecting on LinkedIn with these people ... (7:30)


  • A special challenge I’m making to you that increases your exposure and opens untold opportunities (9:09)


One thing I really want to reiterate is the importance of being a resource for others. The single best way for you to open up opportunities in your career is to help others, so look for ways to do that. And as always, I and my team at Chameleon Resumes are here to help guide and coach you if you’d like someone to walk alongside you in your career journey.

I want to thank you for being a loyal listener, and I’m excited for the opportunities that are coming your way. I’m confident you now have the tools you need to remain in demand and will increase your opportunities to be quickly hired should the need arise.

Be sure to take advantage of all the resource websites mentioned in this episode. I’ve listed them below for your convenience. Cheers to taking the steps to remain employable and always in demand by pretending you’re fired today!

Websites mentioned in this episode:

Dec 18, 2017

Today’s show is about something so many people face when undertaking a job search, especially when they are unprepared. You might think, “Well, Lisa, that’s not me. I’ve listened to and followed all of your podcasts.”

First, great! You are going to be so much further ahead, all things considered. Second, you’re not out of the woods with the problem we’re going to talk about today, which is getting stuck in your job search. But listen and I’ll tell you how to get unstuck. There are four tell-tale indicators I see from people all the time that they are stuck in job search purgatory.

Show highlights:

  • Indicator 1: What’s really keeping you from sending out those resumes … (2:21)
  • Indicator 2: A paralyzing obsession job searchers entertain as they begin thinking about who in the hiring chain to reaching out to ... (2:57)
  • Indicator 3: Prepping for a game you’re not even playing ... Plus, a common scenario I see this most often played out … (3:14)
  • Indicator 4: Worry, worry, worry but no follow up.  (3:36)
  • The search-killing assumption that job searchers make that leads to getting stuck … and how to avoid it, or get past it if you make it ... (4:36)
  • You’re going to have problems. Make sure you have this kind ... (6:00)

Being stuck in your job search can feel like crushing disappointment. You can begin to question your worth and usefulness. But follow the tips in today’s podcast and you’ll have a clear map for how to avoid this tar pit.

As always, though, if you’d like someone to walk beside you as you navigate your job search, we are always glad to help. Head over to to let us help you get moving again and on track for landing your next amazing job.

Back again next week for the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series finale´!

Dec 11, 2017

There’s definitely been a running theme these past few episodes. By now I hope you’re catching on that nuanced situations with potential to alter your career path can happen at any moment. Even in this booming job creation and growing economic environment, many companies face down-turns and cut-backs.

If you’re a longtime listener, or even if you’ve listened to just a few episodes, you probably already know that the core of all of this is to be prepared and to be proactive so that in the event you need to make a change you know how to navigate that process with grace, dignity and foresight. Let’s look at how to do that in a layoff situation ...

Show highlights:

  • What to do to create a mindset that forces you to be proactive … (2:06)
  • The intelligence you need to gather while downsizing efforts are still on the drawing board (3:15)
  • The past is the past … How to recognize who now has all the leverage so you can mirror the new order (4:30)
  • What you need to know to successfully reconfigure your role with what’s important to the new order … (2:04)
  • Why your instinct to lay low during this uncertain period is certain to get you packing, and what you should do instead ... (6:22)
  • Pay attention to these signs that you’re being passively encouraged to quit … (7:20)
  • Neglect reviewing these documents and you may be in legal trouble  ... (8:11)
  • If you’ve made it through the mass layoffs be careful not to make this critical mistake ... (8:59)

Layoffs can be one of the hardest situations to navigate as there are so many potential contributing factors and possible outcomes. If you want the peace of mind of having an expert guide you through the process, we’d be happy to help.

Head over to to learn we can customize a plan to personally help you.

See you next time!

Dec 4, 2017

Similar to last week’s show, there’s a growing vibe that someone’s about to be fired. Who’s getting fired? In this scenario, it’s your boss. No big deal for you, right? Uhhh ... no. If you play this wrong it could mean you’re also making the brown box walk of shame. And even if you play all the cards right you might need or want to make a change. You have to ask yourself what’s at stake? Here are five things you can do to protect your own job …

Show highlights:

  • The mindset you need to have in this situation especially when your good will is gone and you’re possibly guilty by association … (2:04)
  • Your boss’s boss is watching how you handle this situation. Now more than ever you need to employ these soft skills with finesse ... (2:55)
  • How to handle the rumors, innuendo and uncertainty as co-workers panic and gossip … (4:20)
  • What you should be doing with people within other departments of your company to prepare for your boss’s exit ... (5:23)
  • Plan for doing a job search. But know the landscape has changed. Here’s how to be prepared ... (6:15)

Remember, while this is probably a stressful and uncertain time, this is an opportunity that you can use or lose. I say use it, and use it as an opportunity to shore up your own game plan so you’re prepared no matter what the outcome. And as always, if you need coaching on how to navigate this situation with dignity and grace, we’re here to help you do that.

Hop on over to to learn more about how we can specifically help you.

Until next time!

Nov 27, 2017

This episode is a dagger in most listener’s heart as it’s about a subject that we don’t really like to think about: when you get the feeling your boss wants to fire you.

Thanks for listening, everyone! I’m Lisa Rangel. The possibility of getting fired is not a pleasant thought and is definitely not a pleasant experience. But how you handle this situation will say a lot about the kind of person you are and can even work out in your better favor. So even though this is not something you may want to think about, it’s in your best interest to be well prepared. Let’s check out what we’re going to cover today ...

Show highlights:

  • Your boss wanting you out may have no reflection on your work quality. Here’s what it may actually be about … (1:15)
  • Even if it is about your performance but you like your job and want to stay, here’s how to evaluate if your job can be saved (1:55)
  • “Don’t drink milk on a hot day” … The vibe you carry forward from your soon-to-be former employer will be noticed and may lengthen your unemployment ... (4:16)
  • Your employer isn’t your spouse. Even if your job can be saved, you really should look at what else is out there … (4:44)
  • How to know when it’s time to say goodbye, even when the decision is yours .. (5:44)

If you’re getting that vibe from your boss now and you think you might want to try and work it through, we can help guide you and coach you to give you your best shot. If you don’t want to keep your job, or even if you do, but it’s not an option (like, because your company is moving and you refuse to relocate), we can also help you be as prepared and as desirable as possible so landing your next job will be a breeze. Hop on over to to learn more about how we can specifically help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Nov 20, 2017

Some call it Performance Review, others call it Employee Performance Evaluation or Self-Assessment.

But no matter what you call it, that time of year to evaluate your performance has arrived. And no need to dread or avoid it because this can be an excellent opportunity to capitalize on for your career.

On today’s podcast we’re going to go in depth on how to use Performance Appraisal time as an opportunity to make yourself shine.

Show highlights:

- What you must do when your title changes. (3:01)

- Make sure you add THIS to your list of achievements. (3:29)

- How to articulate that you’ve played an integral part in your company’s success. (3:59)

- The one thing that’s of extreme value to any company yet many candidates never put it on their resume. (4:30)

- How to show your growth in your resume. (6:14)

Go to and download your free Resume Cheat Sheet resource to get examples on how to write successful resumes. Plus, if you want help with conquering your next performance review then hop over to for more info.

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Nov 13, 2017

Let’s face it: Everybody googles everybody these days.

And the same is true for recruiters and employers. You have to expect that, at some point, they WILL google your name and check your social media profiles.

The important question is, what will they see when they look you up?

On today’s podcast we’re going to cover how to clean up and polish your online image so you always look like the in-demand executive or rising professional that you are.

Show highlights:

- How to create a game plan and start improving your online presence. (2:51)

- The number one rule to follow for all your Facebook posts. (3:31)

- The sneaky way your private party pics show up in Google search. (4:58)

- What to NEVER post online. (7:18)

- How to bury all the negative information you can’t take offline. (9:37)

- Having a negative online image is the worst that can happen, right? Wrong! THIS is even worse. (10:12)

And if you want personalized guidance on how to elevate your career or maintain your current c-level role, then hop over to for more info.

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Nov 6, 2017

I’ve met very few people who like working two full-time jobs. But with the constant stream of information, that’s exactly what it can feel like if you want to stay ahead of what’s happening in your field. So, realistically, how does one find and stay ahead of trends without sacrificing too much time with family and friends, or without feeling like it’s hustle 24/7?

Glad you asked! Today, I’m going to share with you some streamline ways to be sure you stand out and are noticeable to the players in your industry so you’ll always be in demand.

Show highlights:

- You don’t have to be a bookworm, but there are some things you should be scanning religiously if you want to know what everyone’s talking about … (1:38)

- Industry trends and new ideas fall into two categories. You’re opinion on which is important, but you better back it up. (2:17)

- Selectively go to conferences and meetings, but not primarily to learn. What really should drive your decision to attend. (3:11)

- What you need to do to become the person everybody goes to … (4:32)

- Being in the right place at the right time to be seen as the trend-setter … (5:18)

As you’ll learn in the episode, so much of remaining employable and being in demand comes down to remaining relevant, and doing the things that place you in demand. And here’s a little hint: the vast majority of people aren’t doing this, so when you do, you’ll stand out all the more.

So pretend YOU’RE FIRED today, and start checking off that list of activities you need to do now, while you’re working, to create demand before you need it.

Of course, you don’t have to do all of this alone. If you you don’t want to do it alone, and would like personalized coaching, then hop over to We’ll be glad to help.

Have a listen, now!

Oct 30, 2017

I always have to be careful when discussing the topic of using psychology in negotiations. People sometimes get the wrong idea that we want to maliciously manipulate people to get what we want. That’s not how it works, especially at this level.

In this episode, I’ll show you 3 ways you can use psychology to ease anxiety and foster collaboration, creating an environment where your case for a raise is likely to be favorably heard and accepted.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Show highlights:

- What using a decision-maker’s own words when describing a problem does in their mind and how to do it without being awkward. (1:56)

- What to do with your own body language to subtly create trust, familiarity and comfort … a state of being that astronomically improves your odds for a “Yes” ...  (4:03)

- Give them the red pill or the blue pill … How limiting options to a specific amount positively frames your request for a raise. (6:05)

- What TRUE job security means in today’s economy and steps to achieve it. (8:36)

- Why “Remaining employable” doesn’t mean finding the job you’ll stay in for the next 25 years, and why this is a BIG challenge for you ... (11:34)

As you’ll learn in the episode, these hacks are not intended to brainwash or manipulate anyone. You’re simply preparing your workspace, so to speak, so that the value you offer can be seen in its best context.

Of course, doing this all on your own can be an intimidating challenge.  if you you don’t want to do it alone, and would like personalized coaching, then hop over to We’ll be glad to help.

Have a listen, now!

Oct 23, 2017

One of the most important things when it comes to your career is to make sure you DON’T get overlooked when it’s time for a promotion.

That’s why, on today’s show we’re going to list 10 tactics you can do to increase your chances. They will help you showcase your leadership qualities, your strong initiative, and they’ll put you on a path to accelerate your career faster.

Show highlights:

- How to become the only obvious choice for a promotion. (1:30)

- Do THIS to really shine and accelerate your career faster… without having to swim upstream all the time. (2:35)

- The real reason why you should make your boss look good. (3:18)

- When it’s OK to say you have experience even if you don’t. (4:17)

- Are you a good leader or just a good doer? Discover why the later can “kill” all your chances for a promotion and how to fix it. (5:43)

Doing the steps suggested in this episode will help you promote yourself or maintain your position in a high level role.

But if you you don’t want to do it alone, and prefer personalized coaching, then hop over to for more details.

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Oct 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it takes to land a c-level role?

In today’s podcast you’ll discover the six steps that can take you there.

These six steps will better your chances of moving from an executive to C-level role within the organization. And if you are already there, they’ll make it easy for you to maintain what you have.

Show highlights:

- The ONE thing you need to do to move to a c-level position. (1:44)

- Why being a good manager is not enough. (And what else you need to be good at.)(2:50)

- One surefire way to increase your chances of landing that c-level role. (3:53)

- Do THIS to increase credibility with your future staff. (5:31)

- All successful leaders are excellent at this one activity. (Discover what it is!) (6:01)

Applying the steps suggested in this episode will help you promote yourself and maintain your position in a high level role.

And if you want personalized coaching to get you past any area you are struggling with, go to for more details.

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Oct 9, 2017

At the top of the skill set for any C-Suite position is recognizing and navigating change. A required quality that enables you to do that successfully is strategic, curious thinking, and this can only come from a healthy sense of curiosity.

That’s why, on today’s podcast we’re going to discuss why curiosity is the next c-suite driver, how to get more curious, and how to market this trait to get recognized.

Show highlights:

- The one crucial thing that any CEO needs to be capable of is also the result of being curious. (2:08)

- What happens when you stop being curious. (3:33)

- The benefit of becoming a “curious leader” and what it can do to your career. (4:44)

- Four activities that can help you ignite your natural curiosity. (7:12)

Doing the preparation suggested in this episode will help you promote your curiosity trait and position yourself for high level roles. And if you want even more personalized coaching for your career, then hop over to for more details.

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Oct 2, 2017

Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable promoting themselves and tooting their own horn at work.

The biggest worry is to be seen as aggressive attention seeker or have their coworkers think they’re putting others down to get ahead.

But here’s the thing: You SHOULD promote yourself if you want to stay visible and be on the radar when bigger opportunities come your way. You just need to do it the right way.

Today you’re going to find out 37 ways you can use to promote yourself to prospective employers and the consumer marketplace WITHOUT the need for bragging or becoming obnoxious.

Show highlights:

- The easy way to market yourself without bragging. (1:57)

- How to make search engines to do the promotion work for you. (3:21)

- How to use every email you send as an effective marketing tool. (4:33)

- One underused “old school” tactic that helps you stay on top of mind like anything else out there. (6:06)

- How to effectively promote yourself with simple photo-sharing. (7:30)

And if you’re looking for a personalized coaching to get you past any area you’re currently struggling with, then hop over to for more details.

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Sep 25, 2017

Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable tooting their own horn at work. They don’t want to brag or don’t want coworkers to think they’re putting others down by promoting themselves.

But the simple truth is, you DO need to self promote if you want to stay relevant for new opportunities.

In today’s episode you’re going to learn 7 ways to do self promotion right. This way, when opportunities come along you’ll be on the radar.

Show highlights:

- One simple thing that can boost your respect inside your company almost instantly (2:11)

- How to “use” your communication with your managers for self-promotion... without actually doing any self-promoting. (3:33)

- Do THIS to drastically increase your value. (5:45)

- Why mentoring others is a great way of self-promoting. (6:51)

- How to become a Thought leader and increase your visibility. (Online and off.) (9:37)

Regardless of your position or your career goals, the fundamental techniques you’re going to hear today can help you stand out without sticking out. And by applying them, you’ll increase your chances of getting that promotion, landing that job, or getting that raise!

Plus, if you want even more personalized guidance, go to for more details of what to do next.

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Sep 18, 2017

Two of the most common questions I hear job seekers ask are:

“How am I supposed to look for a job, when I am employed?” or, “Finding a job is a full-time job…and I already have a job. How am I supposed to do this?"

And I get it. It is a perplexing dilemma in today’s world of over scheduling, multitasking and uber-achievement. But if you want to stay on the top of your game you have to find that time.

That’s why, on today’s podcast you’re going to learn 5 simple ways to find at least 9 hours of job search time PER WEEK.

Show highlights:

- The one simple tweak you do to your smartphone that will give you 2.5 hours back pronto! (And no. You won't have to turn it off!) (2:22)

- Do you know that you're losing at least 3 hours in your inbox per week? Do THIS and claim those hours back! (4:34)

- How to cut your job application time by 33%, save 1.5 hours in the process… and still have a better-looking resume than most of your competition. (6:22)

- How to “trick” Google into doing the job search for you and gain 2 hours of extra time week after week! (10:12)

Plus, if you want qualified personal accountability to ensure you stay the course, then hop over to for more details!

Ready to claim those wasted hours back?

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Sep 11, 2017

Most people think their biggest asset is their home or investments.

But the truth is, the biggest asset you have is your career. Most likely, your career will generate you the largest income over your lifetime. No property or investment can ever match that.

And if you manage your career properly, you can maximize raises, bonuses and perks for each new role you land.

On today’s podcast we’re going to list the 8 moves high performing executives do to protect their career in a merger or acquisition. This list will help you remain proactive so you can stay ahead without headaches no matter what happens.

Show highlights:

- The one mindset you need to adopt that can put you in a position of strength and help you negotiate better. (5:23 )

- How to present yourself effectively in the shifting environment. (6:42)

- Why your reputation is no longer relevant. (And what to do about it.) (7:36)

- Discover how to become indispensable to the new merger. (8:07)

- How to identify entry points into the new “power structure.” (8:56)

- What to do if you suspect you’re being “encouraged” to quit. (9:47)

Plus, if you want personalized coaching for your career to get you past any area you are struggling with, go to for more info.

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Sep 4, 2017

There is a common misconception about what executive job security really means.

Most people think that in order to have job security you need to stay with a company for 20+ years. But nothing can be further from the truth.

On today’s podcast we’re going to discuss the ABCs of executive job security and you’ll learn how to achieve it even in today’s tumultuous economic climate.

Show highlights:

- The one thing that instantly makes you unemployable and how to avoid it. (1:44)

- How to set yourself apart from you competition without bragging. (2:33)

- The biggest mistake executives make that causes job search struggle. (3:30)

- A simple shift to your mindset that leads you to a successful continuous career. (5:16)

Even if you’re currently working, you MUST take proactive steps to ensure you can always land an executive role. You want to maintain your lifestyle no matter what’s going on in the world.

And if you feel that you need more guidance with personalized coaching, then hop over to for more details.

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Aug 28, 2017

Studies show that the average salary increase hovers at around a measly 3% raise.

Understanding how to ask for a raise and being able to negotiate a salary increase is a professional skill everyone needs to master.

There are many things you can do ahead of time to increase your odds to landing that increase you want. And by following the negotiation tactics I present you on today’s podcast, you can maximize your chances to get a staggering 5-20% pay raise regularly.

Show highlights:

- The one thing you must do BEFORE you start asking for a raise. (2:05)

- A simple “trick" to make the case for your raise a no-brainer. (3:22)

- Why you should start bragging about yourself to key decision makers… and how to do it without sounding like a narcissist. (4:17)

- Do this to make your boss excited to lobby for your salary increase. (7:05)

- How to know WHEN to ask for a raise and maximize your chances for a “yes”. (9:26)

And if by the end of today’s show you still feel you can’t do all these actions confidently on your own, but you know you have the achievements to back it up, then hire us for a personalized guidance. Hop over to for more details.

Ready to unlock your salary increase potential?

Put your headphones on and start listening now!

Aug 21, 2017

Many popular job search coaches give you the same advice: “Hold out and never say your salary expectations when asked!”

But here’s the thing. This works in an ideal world and the reality is usually very different.

If you don’t openly disclose your salary range you risk to not move on with the interview process.

But there’s a way around that. And that’s what we’re going to discuss on the podcast today!

You’ll learn how to get past the recruiter who won’t move you forward without stating a range first. And you’ll discover one bold salary negotiating tactic only audacious high achievers can use.

Show highlights:

- Hear a typical “don’t want to say my numbers first” negotiating conversation between a candidate and recruiter. (Complete with comments of what’s really going on behind the scenes!) (1:50)

- Why most candidates DON’T have the luxury to refuse telling their number. (4:36)

- The real reason why your interview ends when you don’t state your salary range. (5:04)

- One bold negotiating tactic you can use when recruiter insists you disclose your salary range. (Warning: This is NOT for the faint-of-heart!) (7:00)

And if you still don’t feel prepared to implement all of the actions you’ve learned on this show, then go to and discover how to get more in-depth help from us.

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Aug 14, 2017

Have you ever been thrown off balance when you were asked, “What salary are you looking for...” and you didn’t know how to answer?

Being able to react - and answer! - the salary question professionally is yet another way to make a strong impression and convey your value and your confidence in your abilities. That’s why it’s important to know how to answer it properly.

On today’s podcast we are going to discuss how to answer the salary question well so you always get what you deserve.

Show highlights:

- The reason why some recruiters ask the salary question at the very beginning. (2:36)

- What does your reaction to the question tell about you to the hiring manager. (6:00)

- How to handle the answer like a pro without having to give a flat number. (6:20)

- How NOT to answer the salary question. (7:41)

- This word-for-word answer will always work in your favour during negotiations. (Get a pen and write it down immediately!) (8:29)

Plus, if you would like some personalized help to do these action confidently, then go to for more details.

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Aug 7, 2017

Imagine this: You get your resume into the right hands. You get to interview with key decision makers from the company of your dreams. You prepare well, you do the interview, and you nail it.

Mission accomplished, right? Wrong!

Savvy executives know that the interviewing process continues well after the actual interview is over. It all comes down to how well you do the follow-up.

Making the right moves after your interview will reinforce your position as the best candidate and will uphold that good first impression you made on the interviewer.

In other words, if you want to “seal the deal” you must continue your follow-up appropriately and professionally.

On today’s podcast we are going to discuss the most effective strategies for your follow-up that can help you get the offer and position you as the only choice!

Show highlights:

- The one thing you must do BEFORE the interview ends. (2:42)

- How to quickly set yourself apart from the competition AFTER the interview. (4:50)

- How to avoid being annoying and the only right way to do follow-ups. (6:13)

- What to do when you don’t hear back from the company. (8:40)

- The one tactic that can persevere your sanity and give you greater chance of success. (11:30)

For more interview preparation resources, go to and download your free Interview Prep Sheet. And if you think you need more personal help from our team then hop over to for more details.


Ready to get that offer from the company of your dream?


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Jul 31, 2017

Last time we talked about how to nail phone interviews.

And to stay on topic, let's continue mastering other virtual ways of conducting an interview: Video and Skype.

If you think Skype is the future, you’re wrong. This is already happening. It is the present. And being able to interview successfully over Skype and video is a skill you need to master to stay ahead of your competition.

Today’s podcast will give you 10 successful video interviewing tips that can help you impress every hiring manager you talk to. By the end of it you’ll have a solid start to edge out your competition and be the candidate that gets to the next level!

Show highlights:

-Things to practice before you switch on the webcam. (2:07)

- How to “be yourself” on video. (3:17)

- How to make your video look professional. (Hint: the secret is in the background!)(5:06)

- This one thing will make you “hard to watch” on video. (6:32)

- How to put on your best “newscaster” face. (7:44)

- Your backup plan for when things go wrong. (9:12)

Being able to communicate your value through video and Skype is paramount. And if you practice the tips you learn in this podcast, you will have a competitive edge over your comptetition.

Plus, if you want more interview preparation resources, go to our and download the Interview Prep Sheet. This will ensure you have all your bases covered and are ready to crush your next interview and land the job you want.


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Jul 24, 2017

Having distributed teams is a common thing for many companies today. And sometimes their entire organisation is completely virtual.

As a consequence, doing phone interviews throughout the whole process is becoming more and more common.

Interviewing over the phone is a skill set that needs to be mastered like anything else. And for this reason, our entire show today is dedicated to this topic.

Executive phone interviews are very different from an in-person or video interview. They pose special challenges you need to be aware of. And when the job position you want is on the line, you need to know how to make the right impression.

Show highlights:

- The one crucial difference between a phone and an in-person interview. (2:17)
- The “real” reason why hiring managers opt for that first phone interview. (2:56)
- Why you should always ask to schedule the interview in advance. (5:02)
- One huge advantage of “dressing up” even if nobody sees you. (5:45)
- How to avoid dropped calls or poor connections. (7:30)
- What the tone of your voice and the way you speak can say about you. (11:30)
- One topic you should never bring up first. (13:30)

Ready to nail your phone interview and move on to the next stage of the process?

Start listening now!

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Jul 17, 2017

As you progress through your career you will come across some hiring managers that are inexperienced in conducting interviews.

However, even if the person evaluating you has never done this before, you still need to win them over.  You need to show that you’re the right candidate for the job so you get to the next stage in the process.

In today’s podcast you’ll discover some strategies how to deal with an inexperienced interviewer successfully.

Show highlights:

- How to handle your initial reaction when you realize you’re dealing with an inexperienced interviewer. (2:47)

- The one thing even the most inexperienced interviewers are looking for in a candidate. (3:02)

- How to “save” the interview when the interviewer is terrible at asking the right questions. (3:43)

- The best way to win anyone over without sounding condescending. (4:03)

- The one tactic that won’t  help you advance through the interview process. (6:47)

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Jul 10, 2017

“Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?”

How many times have this happened to you: You thought the interviews was going great, you’ve been asked to come back for a second or third interview and then, all of a sudden, the question pops up.

Can’t they see it from your resume? Why do they need to ask you when your credentials are right in front of them and, they’ve asked you to come back?

But here’s the thing. There’s a reason why a hiring manager asks you if you think you’re over qualified. And the way you answer it might literally mean the difference between you getting that job or not.

On today’s podcast we’re going to talk about how to effectively handle the “Aren’t you overqualified?” interview question in five different ways so you can move on to the next phase and nail that the interview!

Show highlights:

- Why it’s good news if they ask you “Aren’t you overqualified?” (2:30)

- How NOT to answer this question. (4:20)

- The one thing every hiring manager is hoping to find in the answer you give. (6:25)

- How to convey WHY they should hire you and your excitement for the position. (7:28)

- Do you think you failed the interview because you were over qualified? Wrong! Discover why the real reason you didn’t get the job is something you can “fix” by a simple change in your answers.(14:32)

Having this stage down can dramatically increase your confidence because you’ll know exactly what to answer.

And if you’re looking for additional interview tactics and strategies, go to, download your free prep-sheet and get ready to nail it on your next interview.

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