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Jul 3, 2017

There’s one interview question candidates fear the most: And that is the elusive “So, tell me about yourself..."

It doesn’t matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, everyone hates it. But the way you react to it and the answer you give can be extremely telling of your ability for an executive role.

Today’s episode will show you how best to prepare in advance so you avoid all potential land mines and bring your A-game to the challenge.

Show highlights: 

- The real reason why interviewers ask the elusive “Tell me about yourself” question. (1:03)

- The ONE thing you need to focus on when you’re preparing your answer. (2:15)

- How to walk the fine line between confidence and conceit. (3:49)

- How NOT to answer the question. (And how to avoid “rambling”.) (5:52)

- A simple tactic to make your answers short, sweet, and to the point. (8:25)

For more interview preparation resources head over to and download your complimentary Interview Prep Sheet. This will help you keep all your bases covered and crush your next job interview.

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Jun 26, 2017

If you have a career of any kind you have probably used an Elevator Pitch before.

Sometimes, a great elevator pitch could literally mean a new career opportunity for you. And if you feel your pitch doesn’t sound natural and personal enough, or you never know quite what to say… then today’s episode is a must-listen!

We’re going to address 7 steps that will help you craft a pitch you can use for any formal or informal event you attend.  BBQs, conferences, job fairs, networking events, cocktail parties, community gatherings… you name it. Everywhere you go, you’ll know exactly how to answer that dreaded question, “So, what do you do?” with confidence!

Show highlights: 

  • Specific questions to ask yourself before you even start writing your pitch. (3:22)
  • How to tweak your pitch for different audiences. (4:04)
  • What is “data dump” and how it can significantly improve the way you write your pitch. (5:09)
  • The reason why you need a “hook” and a simple way to come up with one. (5:44)
  • The biggest mistake most professionals make when creating their pitches. (7:29)
  • How to refine your pitch so it comes across more personal and passionate. (8:24)
  • A little adjustment to your posture that can instantly turn your pitch into the most natural sounding thing you say. (9:06)

And if you want even more resources, go to and download your Interview Prep Sheet. You’ll get additional interview tactics and strategies to make sure you have all your bases covered and you’re ready to crush your next interview.

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Jun 19, 2017

Welcome to episode 25!

Today you’ll learn three most common questions (and how to answer them properly!) hiring managers use when they want to determine if you’re a good cultural fit for their company.

This is the same list of questions we use to prepare our high achieving clients for their job interviews.

And by the end of it, you’ll know exactly how to prepare your answers so you become a job offer magnet!

Show highlights: 

  • The one “character revealing” question I always ask candidates to help them prepare for an interview. (2:06)
  • Three traits of an honest answer. (Experienced hiring managers can spot these almost instantly.) (2:40)
  • The one question all rookie interviewers ask. (And how to answer it properly.) (4:23)
  • How to present your weaknesses without risking to be taken negatively. (4:50)
  • How to answer “Why should we hire you?” and instantly become the most interesting candidate that’s hard to pass up! (5:50)

Plus, if you’re looking for additional interview tactics and strategies, go to, download your free prep-sheet and get ready for your next interview.

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Jun 12, 2017

We talk about STAR and CAR interview methods today.

You’ll discover the best way you can use them to help you prepare for any kind of interview you’ll have in the future.

And by the end of the episode you’ll understand why these two tactics alone can help you become so confident… you can literally turn into a job offer magnet!

Show highlights: 

  • One subtle - yet very important - difference between STAR and CAR methods and why you should master them both. (1:25)
  • The “secret” agenda behind behavioural interviews. (2:10)
  • Watch out for THESE THREE words at the beginning of an interview question. (That’s a signal you must switch to STAR or CAR!) (2:57)
  • How to use STAR (3:37) and CAR (5:16) in your answers. (Step by step!)
  • A simple “trick” to make the interviewer “experience” your answers right there on the spot… and make them relate to you even stronger! (7:45)

Ready to start crushing your interviews?

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Jun 5, 2017

This episode is all about how best to prepare - mentally - for your next job interview.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to get ready for all those terrifying questions that make your heart race and knees shake. The ones you always hope nobody asks.

By the end of this show, you’re going to be one step closer to having the right mindset that can crush even the hardest of interviews and get the job offer you’re after.

Show highlights:

- Three of the most feared job interview questions. (2:06)
- How to “make your skeleton dance” and still get the job offer. (3:44)
- The wrong way to answer an interview question. (4:01)
- Dirty little secret candidates with “impeccable backgrounds” hide in their closets. (5:20)
- This one “miracle” can turn your most dreaded interview into a winner. (5:57)

Here’s what to do next:
Go to, download you interview prep-sheet...

And get ready to become a real job offer magnet!

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May 29, 2017

Today’s topic is a little different than what we've been discussing so far.

In this episode, I’m going to help you create a list of "Fun things to do when you are NOT working!"

Why is this important?

Because it helps you stay positive.

You see, when you are not working, it’s easy to slip into a funk or become depressed. Especially when everyone else in your house is off to school or work.

When I found myself unexpectedly unemployed in March 2009, this list helped me stay sane and focused. It literally saved me!

So don’t take this topic too lightly. Listen to today’s podcast and discover the things I have on my list. Plus, get additional suggestions that may spark new ideas for you!

Show highlights:

- One activity that can help you improve your career strategy. (I use this to strategize my next moves all the time!) (6:00)
- How to have fun while you’re networking. (6:27)
- How to create new business opportunities… AND having a blast at the same time. (7:07)
- Creative ways to take care of your body and soul… without spending a fortune on spas and wellness centers. (7:51)
- How to be a tourist without going on a trip! (9:01)

Ready to take action?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, press the play button below… and start creating your own list today!

May 22, 2017

Most executives and professionals think it’s a lost opportunity if they cannot attend a conference in person.

But that’s a mistake.

Of course, attending in person is always the best option.. but there’s so much you can gain from an event even if you can’t be there!

And today’s podcast will show you how to do network from your office or your home.

Let’s face it, opportunities lay everywhere. You just need to be creative and figure out a way how to make the most of a situation.

Show highlights:

  • How to network with everybody in real time when you’re not physically there. (4:44)
  • One simple way to learn conference material without attending. (5:07)
  • What to do when you have a limited budget. (6:11)
  • The easiest way to meet with speakers and sponsors even if you can't buy the conference ticket. (6:53)

If you have commitments that prevent you from going, or your budget can’t cover the full expense…

Listen to this episode and find out how to network without attending!

And if you want to know what else can help you get your next job FAST…go to, take the free job landing quiz, and start your complimentary training today!

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May 15, 2017

Everyone needs to go on a business trip once in awhile.

Most people’s focus is solely on getting the work done… and have no idea how to leverage these trips for nurturing and expanding their networks.

Today’s episode will show how to do just that: Growing your network while you’re traveling, make meaningful connections with people in your industry… and make sure you're always in demand!

Show highlights:

  • One thing you should do before going on a business trip. (3:51)
  • How to make Facebook work for you when you’re in a new city. (4:35)
  • How to reach out to people you want to meet without feeling awkward. (5:33)
  • The REAL reason why breakfast is the most important meal of your day! (5:50)
  • How to make people remember you. (6:23)

And if you want to know what else can help you get your next job FAST…

Go to, take the free job landing quiz, and start your complimentary training today!

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May 8, 2017

Attending conferences helps you stay on the forefront of your industry… and it’s the best place to meet people who can help you move forward in your field.

In today’s podcast you’re going to find out what you should do BEFORE you attend any event and the best way to follow up with anyone you meet.

Applying what you hear today will enable you to genuinely nurture your network and keep it primed for when you need it most.

Show highlights:

  • The single most important thing you should do BEFORE going to any conference. (3:44)
  • How to use roster of speakers and sponsors to make meaningful connections. (4:46)
  • The most efficient way to use social media when preparing for a conference. (5:17)
  • How to “open the chat” with somebody you just met. (6:08)
  • What you should do on LinkedIn AFTER the conference. (6:49)
  • How to make people you meet at conferences remember you. (6:58)

Plus, to make sure you’ll always get your next job FAST… go to, take the free job landing quiz, and fill your knowledge gaps with the additional complimentary training!

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May 1, 2017

Does this describe you?

  1. a) You lunch at your desk every day and you’re always busy working.
  2. b) You never stop to do small talk with your colleagues.
  3. c)  You talk to the same 5 to 6 people at work every day.

If you find yourself doing any of the above… you are NOT connecting with your network as you should!

I see people do this all the time. And when they need to call somebody asking for a favour, they feel awkward… because they never reached out before!

Here’s the thing: Connecting with your network is extremely important to always keep it primed. It’s like putting money in the bank so you can withdraw (with interests!) when you need it most.

In today’s episode you’re going to find out three easy ways to connect with your network - in a truly genuine way!

Show highlights:

  • One simple (but extremely important!) thing you must do on your commute everyday that can have the biggest impact when connecting with your network. (03:32)
  • A “sneaky” way to connect with your network on Facebook. (This will set you apart from everyone else!) (04:52)
  • How to make reaching out to people dead easy and never feel awkward again. (05:47)

Plus, if you want to find out what else you should do, hop over to and take our quiz with your complimentary free training.

Every activity you do right now is helping you keep your network primed and stay competitive before you need it most.

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Apr 24, 2017

Did you know that only about 20% of all hires are made through job boards?

This is a surprisingly small percentage.

And yet, most job seekers spend the majority of their time there, droning over listing and looking for that right opportunity.

They are applying the 80/20 formula backwards! Spending 80% of their time on activities that give only 20% of results.

Job boards CAN be useful… if you know how to use them properly.

Which is exactly the purpose of today’s episode: Discover HOW to use job boards effectively so you can free up your time and use it to grow you network instead!

Show highlights:

  • How to use job boards so that hiring managers find YOU. (04:06)
  • One simple way to drastically reduce time you spend searching through job boards… and still remain on top of every lucrative job opening the moment it’s posted! (05:01)
  • How to get any line manager’s direct contact info… even if it is NOT disclosed in the job listing. (06:10)
  • How to increase your chances to be found by search firm recruiters. (07:38)
  • How to use job boards to discover unpublished job opportunities. (Use this to always be the first candidate hiring managers think of!) (08:12)

And if you wish to discover additional activities you must do to stay in demand… go to, take the quiz... and get your complimentary free training to help you fill that knowledge gap!

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Apr 17, 2017

Very few people actively stay relevant to their competition… even when they do their job extremely well!

The reason? Spending too much time at your desk and assuming everyone around you knows about the good work that you do each day.

And if this describes you, don’t worry. Listen to today’s show to learn career maintenance strategies that will help you stay relevant (and in constant demand!)… without declaring you are looking for a job.

Show highlights:

  • When doing volunteer work can help you stay in demand. (4:24)
  • How to be seen as an authority in your industry AND keep in touch with college classmates at the same time. (4:52)
  • How to cultivate leads from conferences and conventions… even when you can’t attend! (6:02)
  • Do this to make connections offline without leaving your office. (6:50)
  • How to use blogging to your advantage. (7:01)

Go to to find out what else you need to know to stay competitive before you need it.

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Apr 10, 2017

I’m surprised by how few executives know how to use exploratory interviews to their advantage.

This is a great tool to learn new industries and discover unpublished opportunities in your field. Plus, it’s the best way to put yourself out there without declaring you are looking for a job!

An exploratory interview can play an instrumental role in your career advances… and, as a job seeker, you really need to learn how to use it the right way.

For this reason, today’s episode focuses on everything you need to know - and do! - before you set up your next informational interview with companies you’re interested in.

Show highlights:

  • The reason why companies love informational interviews even if they don't have a job opening right now! (3:54)
  • How to turn the interview into a powerful networking tool and create opportunities for you. (4:44)
  • What you must do immediately after you identify a company you want to explore. (5:40)
  • How to ask for referrals without feeling awkward about it. (6:15)
  • A word-for-word cold call letter example you can use for your own cold calling. (7:23)
  • A four-item checklist to help you prepare for your next exploratory interview. (8:59)
  • One question you must never ask during interviews. (9:56)

These interviews can be a great tool you can use to stay in demand before you need it. Plus, once you learn how to do them right, you’ll discover how easy it is to set one up any time you find a company you’re interested in!

And if there’s additional job landing knowledge gaps you need to fill... go to, take our quiz, and get your free training today.

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Apr 3, 2017

I’m always surprised by how many senior executives and professionals don’t understand the business model of third party recruiting.

And that’s a bad thing. Because an effective recruiter relationship can play an instrumental part in your career advances. It can literally mean the difference between you getting great offers all the time… and no calls at all!

And that’s the focus of the episode today - understanding how recruiters work!

Whether you’ve worked with recruiters before or not, you’ll find there are seven things you can improve immediately to make your relationship with them the most effective it can be.

Show highlights:

  • Why you can’t hire a recruiter. (And how to turn this to your advantage.) (5:05)
  • The single most important reason why you should never ignore any recruiters’ calls. (6:10)
  • How to make recruiters want to help you. (7:03)
  • The one thing you must never do when dealing with a recruiter. (7:27)
  • One type of candidate all recruiters want to market all the time. (8:08)
  • What to do when you’re not getting calls from recruiters. (9:45)

Ready to take action?

Here’s what you can do next:

Go to, take the job landing quiz, and compare the score to see how well you’d do if you had to find a new job TODAY.

Plus, get all the free training you need to ensure you are always ready and in demand.

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Mar 27, 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today show!

Today’s topic is all about the next thing on your “Pretend you’re fired” list. And that is… your "career maintenance" activity.

You’re going to hear five most common mistakes smart executives make all the time and what to do to correct them. This will help you keep your network warm and always be on top of their mind.

Remember: The best time to create demand for you is when you don’t need it... so when necessity comes, the demand is going to be there for you.

Show highlights:

- The one essential element you need to have in place before you even start updating your profile or resume.(4:26)

- Signs that you’re not making any connections and keeping your network warm. (5:25)

- This one assumption is hurting competent high level people more than anything. (6:20)

- Why you shouldn’t use job boards. (7:34)

- How to become invaluable to your organization. (And to your boss!) (8:24)

And if you’re curious to see how fast you’d find a new position today if, suddenly, you’d lose your job? Go to, take the quiz, and get the score.

Start listening now.

Mar 20, 2017

In the previous episode we started talking about passive recruiting. And why you should start putting it into motion.

Let’s continue the conversation and move on to the second aspect of passive recruiting:

Keeping your network robust and always talking about you.

The benefit?

When recruiters ask around who is good at X, your network will point at YOU. Which means, recruiters (and hiring managers) will come to you first!

What you’ll hear today is one of the best ways to keep your network primed and active so you stay on top of their minds and create demand for you consistently.

Specifically, you will learn four simple ways to grow and unlock the power of your network using nothing but LinkedIn.

Show highlights:

  • One quick thing you can do starting today to prevent feeling awkward when calling people and asking for help. (3:24)
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups to grow your network and appear in searches more often… without spamming anyone. (4:26)
  • How to take advantage of your Status Update field so people start seeing you as a thought leader. (5:10)
  • A simple way to take conversations off social media and turn them into valuable connections. (5:50)
  • Do this and people will naturally want to help you when you need it most. (6:20)

And here’s the best part.

When you start implementing these four points into your weekly work life, you help your network do the work for you.

Next time someone says, “do you know anybody talented that does X,”  guess whose name will come up?

To get additional tips on how to strengthen this even further, go to and get your free LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet training.


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Mar 13, 2017

Welcome back to yet another action packed episode of Pretend You’re Fired Today!

It is time to think about PASSIVE RECRUITING. Meaning, getting found by recruiters and hiring managers when you are not actively looking for a job.

Once in motion, passive recruiting works like a well oiled machine, creating demand consistently… but you have to put all the elements in place, first.

And here’s the thing. When you have demand and recruiters call you regularly, you never have to worry if your company changes gears on you. Because you will always be current.

Listen to today’s episode and make sure you have the first aspect of passive recruiting in place:

Your optimized LinkedIn profile!

Show highlights:

  • One place you can always find trending keywords for your profile. (3:28)
  • How to use website traffic generation tactics to get more eyeballs on your profile page. (3:45)
  • An easy way to “reverse engineer” how recruiters and employers search for candidates like you. (4:07)
  • Why keywords such as “marketing” or “finance” are killing your chances to appear in LinkedIn searches. (4:50)
  • Additional keywords you must use in your profile if you’re working in tech, science, or medical fields. (5:40)
  • How to fix your Job Title field to boost your search rankings and stand out from your competition. (7:54)

But that’s not all!

Go to and download your free LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet to get additional tips to reinforce your profile and make sure you stay marketable to your network!

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Mar 6, 2017

Here’s the truth: Ageism in job search is real.


This doesn’t mean you should drop your towel and give up.

On the contrary… You should deal with this as you do with any other challenges you face in business.

Assume ageism happens and address it as best as you can, head on.

The best place to start? Your LinkedIn profile!

In this episode you’ll discover how to fix your LinkedIn profile so you always come across as current, avoid having discussions about your age... and make sure you’re only ever evaluated on your achievements alone.

In short: This episode will teach you how to make your profile ageless.

Show highlights:

  • What to do when you think you’re experiencing age bias. (5:04)


  • Two common statements you must avoid if you don’t want to come across as “old” or “dated”. (5:49)


  • When bragging about your past achievements can backfire on you and make you look old. (6:53)


  • One word that can make hiring managers think "French fries" instead of “I want to hire this person!” (Warning: This word is so common chances are it’s in your profile right now!) (7:06)


  • Latest trends for keeping your LinkedIn profile modern. (You’d be surprised how much they changed in the last 3 years!) (7:36)


  • How to be “ageless” on LinkedIn without hiding or lying about your age. (8:07)


  • Language that makes you look and sound old. (8:35)
  • What is LinkedIn profile’s “Kiss Of Death” and how to avoid it. (8:45)

Go to, download your free LinkedIn profile cheat sheet copy… and get ready to rejuvenate your profile today.

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Feb 27, 2017

Did you know: One of the most common places recruiters go to find new candidates online is LinkedIn.

And if you’re wondering what’s more important, your resume or your LinkedIn profile… the answer is BOTH!

That’s why in today’s episode we are shifting our focus to LinkedIn.

Getting your profile up to speed before you need it is crucial to create demand and have recruiters find you!

Also, most companies today have applications that parse LinkedIn profiles into their recruiting systems. And one thing you DON’T want to happen is to allow your dated info to appear in one of these tracking systems.

In this episode you’ll discover seven things you need to tweak on your LinkedIn profile to boost your discoverability and have recruiters and hiring managers contact you more often!

Show highlights:

  • The best way to use your LinkedIn tagline to immediately convey your personality and who you are. (4:35)


  • One small change that makes your LinkedIn profile instantly more memorable. (6:33)


  • How to make it easy for people to contact you without publicly displaying your personal email or phone. (8:02)


  • How to use LinkedIn profile to build your brand. (9:00)


  • What you need to put in the first 363 characters of your profile summary to motivate viewers to keep reading. (9:36)


  • Two-part checklist to help you write achievement driven statements for your summary. (10:11)


  • Quick tip to find keywords you must include in your profile. (These are the exact same keywords recruiters use in their LinkedIn searches for candidates.) (11:20)


  • What you need to do with your first 73 characters of your tagline and your first 42 characters of your summary to reach up to 40% more viewers. (13:01)


 Here are your action steps for today:

Go to and download your free LinkedIn profile cheat sheet.

Next, start listening to the episode and mark all the items on your cheat sheet you plan to implement.

 Remember, having a strong and attractive LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and always be the candidate that gets the interview call.


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Feb 20, 2017

Welcome back to another action packed Pretend You’re Fired episode!

Today you’re going to discover five ways to effectively and strategically incorporate your soft skills into your resume so you’re always marketable to your network.

Writing about your soft skills can be challenging because they are part of your personality. But after you go through these five steps you’ll know how to do it most effectively and you’ll notice you can really set yourself apart from the rest of your competition.

Show highlights:

  • List of soft skills most companies are looking for. (3:02)
  • How to use Linkedin to help you create a better targeted resume. (3:30)
  • Do this to prove you actually have the skills you claim having. (4:31)
  • How to make the reader “see” you helped companies save costs, increase revenue and gain profits. (5:07)
  • One soft skill all great leaders have in common that you must list in your resume. (6:45)
  • How to avoid cliches and overused phrases when describing your soft skills. (7:48)

Here’s what to do next:

Go to, download your free copy of Resume Cheat Sheet and follow along as we go through each of the five steps.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Feb 13, 2017

If you’re a high achieving CFO, CMO, or a healthcare execute then today’s episode is for you!

You’ll discover six steps to create a powerful leadership resume for marketing, healthcare and finance executives. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and pique the interest of any hiring manager looking for top talent.

Show highlights:

  • How successful CFOs and CMOs use their resume to position themselves as leaders. (2:45)
  • The one thing companies don’t want to see in a leadership resume. (4:05)
  • How to make the best first impression on everyone. (4:46)
  • When leading with your biggest achievement is a mistake. (8:04)
  • Leave this small fix out and it can cost you interview calls... even if you have the best credentials! (8:43)
  • How to show you can help the company grow. (9:23)
  • Get more interviews by deleting these words from your resume. (9:40)

Ready to get more interview calls?

Go to, download your free copy of Resume Cheat Sheet and follow along as we go through each step right now!

Feb 6, 2017

The only way you can truly protect yourself from job loss is if you pretend you’re fired today! It is the best path for you to always be working, have career continuity and avoiding gaps between employment.

Today’s episode will reveal to you five resume writing mistakes that even the most experienced professionals get confused about. This way you are always ahead of the game, ahead of your competition… Plus, you’ll always be the candidate that gets the interview calls!

Show highlights:

  • Why you should never use photos in your resume. (2:32)
  • How adding a simple short sentence at the top of your summary helps you land a better job. (3:37)
  • Four ways to include numbers and measurements in your bullets to show your achievements. (5:50)
  • A sure-fire way to get your resume trashed. (8:00)
  • Why having “Objectives” section is hurting you. (8:14)
  • How to turn vague and confusing sentences into clear achievement based bullets. (9:05)
  • These three verbs in your resume immediately convey action, content, and results. (10:07)

Next: Go to, download your free cheat sheet and follow along as we go through (and fix) each of the five mistakes.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Jan 30, 2017

If you’re a high achieving CIO or an IT leader, today’s episode is the one for you.

You’ll discover six ways to write an achievement based resume so you can outshine your competition and always be the candidate that gets the interviews.

Not an IT person? You can still benefit by listening. Every resume today needs to be based on achievements and you’ll notice that every point made in today’s show can easily be applied to non-IT resumes almost without change.

Show highlights:

  • How to demonstrate you’re the best candidate for the leadership role you’re after. (3:03)
  • Find out the key attributes that separate leadership resumes from staff resumes. (3:32)
  • How to write your technical resume so you don’t lose (and bore!) non-technical stakeholders. (5:17)
  • The most important reason why companies hire leaders. (5:57)
  • Do this and your resume will show you can negotiate deals, attract talent and influence decision makers. (6:18)
  • The one time when leading with your biggest achievements is a mistake. (6:49)
  • What the world’s best CIOs and IT leaders have in their resumes that sets them apart. (10:02)

Here’s what to do next:

Go to and download your free copy of Resume Cheat Sheet. You’ll find plenty of examples of winning CIO resumes you can use as a guide to create your own.

Also, stay tuned for our next couple of episodes where you’ll discover how to create better resumes for finance, healthcare, and marketing.

Start listening by clicking right here!

Jan 23, 2017

Title: How to write an achievement based resume recruiters will love


Here’s a fact.

The only way for you to always be the candidate that gets interview calls is this: Stop writing boring resumes!

The way to do that?

Simple. Use achievement based bullets!

It’s a skill that hardly anyone possesses but it’s simple to master. You’ll hear exactly how in today’s episode. No fluff, just actionable advice you can use right away.

Show highlights:
- The biggest mistake almost everyone makes when writing their resumes. (2:25)
- How to write about your results without bragging. (5:08)
- Hear the one thing every recruiter secretly wants to read in a resume. (5:15)
- This little tweak in the way you write your achievements will make you instantly unforgettable. (3:01)
- How to show you’re a self-starter and "leadership material" in your bullets. (8:27)
- What words stand out in a resume. (4:01)
- A psychological reason to use numbers when describing your results. (7:32)

Here’s what to do next:

Go to and download your free copy of the Resume Cheat Sheet.

Then, jump right into the episode and follow along as we go through each step!

Jan 16, 2017

Title: Finding keywords to optimize your resume


Welcome back!

In the previous episode you discovered how to format your resume using the latest trends. You found out ways to grab recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention and how to keep their interest so they read it until the end.

But here’s the thing.

If your resume doesn’t appear in that search the hiring manager does to find people like you, all of your hard work is lost. It’s like it never happened.

And this is where keywords come in.

Today, you’ll hear about 3 ways to come up with keywords to put in your resume so recruiters and hiring managers will always find you.

What’s more, the keywords you’re going to use will demonstrate you are qualified for the positions you’re applying for and this alone can get you calls for interviews regularly.

Show notes:
- How to find the best keywords without even looking for them. (2:33)
- The “Jerry Maguire Tactic” to make any company feel like you “get them” so they see you as a cultural fit. (7:05)
- Avoid this or you risk looking like you’re gaming the system. (4:33)
- How to make sure your resume always ranks the highest for job applicant searches. (6:54)
- Different keywords you should use when you’re applying for a startup position and when applying at a Fortune 500 company. (7:45)

Resources mentioned:
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Wordle - word cloud generator:
Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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