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Dec 25, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome to this final episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series. It has been such a joy sharing and engaging with you each week. I sincerely hope you’ve found the information we’ve discussed over these last 52 episodes to be valuable – it certainly will be if it helps you save your current job, advance higher in your career or even find a better job.

In this final episode, I want to talk about something that seems to be on a lot of minds these days. Uncertainty. In today’s political and financial economic climate, there is a lot of uncertainty that can affect your job and future opportunities. So I’d like to leave you with some things you can do to economy-proof your career.

Show highlights:

  • A mindset shift you must make regarding uncertainty that will set you apart from all the nervous ninnies ... (2:16)
  • The type of employee companies really want to hire and keep, especially in uncertain times – this one tip will make you stand out like a pearl among marbles (3:17)
  • Fifteen things you must begin doing to remain focused and resilient (3:58)
  • The absolute best time to reach out to people who you think can help your career and how to get them to want to help you (5:22)
  • Your employer is not a two-bit clown hired for your fourth birthday party. Don’t expect them to be responsible for this key job satisfaction component ... (6:15)
  • You’re more than likely missing huge opportunities by not connecting on LinkedIn with these people ... (7:30)


  • A special challenge I’m making to you that increases your exposure and opens untold opportunities (9:09)


One thing I really want to reiterate is the importance of being a resource for others. The single best way for you to open up opportunities in your career is to help others, so look for ways to do that. And as always, I and my team at Chameleon Resumes are here to help guide and coach you if you’d like someone to walk alongside you in your career journey.

I want to thank you for being a loyal listener, and I’m excited for the opportunities that are coming your way. I’m confident you now have the tools you need to remain in demand and will increase your opportunities to be quickly hired should the need arise.

Be sure to take advantage of all the resource websites mentioned in this episode. I’ve listed them below for your convenience. Cheers to taking the steps to remain employable and always in demand by pretending you’re fired today!

Websites mentioned in this episode:

Dec 18, 2017

Today’s show is about something so many people face when undertaking a job search, especially when they are unprepared. You might think, “Well, Lisa, that’s not me. I’ve listened to and followed all of your podcasts.”

First, great! You are going to be so much further ahead, all things considered. Second, you’re not out of the woods with the problem we’re going to talk about today, which is getting stuck in your job search. But listen and I’ll tell you how to get unstuck. There are four tell-tale indicators I see from people all the time that they are stuck in job search purgatory.

Show highlights:

  • Indicator 1: What’s really keeping you from sending out those resumes … (2:21)
  • Indicator 2: A paralyzing obsession job searchers entertain as they begin thinking about who in the hiring chain to reaching out to ... (2:57)
  • Indicator 3: Prepping for a game you’re not even playing ... Plus, a common scenario I see this most often played out … (3:14)
  • Indicator 4: Worry, worry, worry but no follow up.  (3:36)
  • The search-killing assumption that job searchers make that leads to getting stuck … and how to avoid it, or get past it if you make it ... (4:36)
  • You’re going to have problems. Make sure you have this kind ... (6:00)

Being stuck in your job search can feel like crushing disappointment. You can begin to question your worth and usefulness. But follow the tips in today’s podcast and you’ll have a clear map for how to avoid this tar pit.

As always, though, if you’d like someone to walk beside you as you navigate your job search, we are always glad to help. Head over to to let us help you get moving again and on track for landing your next amazing job.

Back again next week for the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series finale´!

Dec 11, 2017

There’s definitely been a running theme these past few episodes. By now I hope you’re catching on that nuanced situations with potential to alter your career path can happen at any moment. Even in this booming job creation and growing economic environment, many companies face down-turns and cut-backs.

If you’re a longtime listener, or even if you’ve listened to just a few episodes, you probably already know that the core of all of this is to be prepared and to be proactive so that in the event you need to make a change you know how to navigate that process with grace, dignity and foresight. Let’s look at how to do that in a layoff situation ...

Show highlights:

  • What to do to create a mindset that forces you to be proactive … (2:06)
  • The intelligence you need to gather while downsizing efforts are still on the drawing board (3:15)
  • The past is the past … How to recognize who now has all the leverage so you can mirror the new order (4:30)
  • What you need to know to successfully reconfigure your role with what’s important to the new order … (2:04)
  • Why your instinct to lay low during this uncertain period is certain to get you packing, and what you should do instead ... (6:22)
  • Pay attention to these signs that you’re being passively encouraged to quit … (7:20)
  • Neglect reviewing these documents and you may be in legal trouble  ... (8:11)
  • If you’ve made it through the mass layoffs be careful not to make this critical mistake ... (8:59)

Layoffs can be one of the hardest situations to navigate as there are so many potential contributing factors and possible outcomes. If you want the peace of mind of having an expert guide you through the process, we’d be happy to help.

Head over to to learn we can customize a plan to personally help you.

See you next time!

Dec 4, 2017

Similar to last week’s show, there’s a growing vibe that someone’s about to be fired. Who’s getting fired? In this scenario, it’s your boss. No big deal for you, right? Uhhh ... no. If you play this wrong it could mean you’re also making the brown box walk of shame. And even if you play all the cards right you might need or want to make a change. You have to ask yourself what’s at stake? Here are five things you can do to protect your own job …

Show highlights:

  • The mindset you need to have in this situation especially when your good will is gone and you’re possibly guilty by association … (2:04)
  • Your boss’s boss is watching how you handle this situation. Now more than ever you need to employ these soft skills with finesse ... (2:55)
  • How to handle the rumors, innuendo and uncertainty as co-workers panic and gossip … (4:20)
  • What you should be doing with people within other departments of your company to prepare for your boss’s exit ... (5:23)
  • Plan for doing a job search. But know the landscape has changed. Here’s how to be prepared ... (6:15)

Remember, while this is probably a stressful and uncertain time, this is an opportunity that you can use or lose. I say use it, and use it as an opportunity to shore up your own game plan so you’re prepared no matter what the outcome. And as always, if you need coaching on how to navigate this situation with dignity and grace, we’re here to help you do that.

Hop on over to to learn more about how we can specifically help you.

Until next time!