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Jul 31, 2017

Last time we talked about how to nail phone interviews.

And to stay on topic, let's continue mastering other virtual ways of conducting an interview: Video and Skype.

If you think Skype is the future, you’re wrong. This is already happening. It is the present. And being able to interview successfully over Skype and video is a skill you need to master to stay ahead of your competition.

Today’s podcast will give you 10 successful video interviewing tips that can help you impress every hiring manager you talk to. By the end of it you’ll have a solid start to edge out your competition and be the candidate that gets to the next level!

Show highlights:

-Things to practice before you switch on the webcam. (2:07)

- How to “be yourself” on video. (3:17)

- How to make your video look professional. (Hint: the secret is in the background!)(5:06)

- This one thing will make you “hard to watch” on video. (6:32)

- How to put on your best “newscaster” face. (7:44)

- Your backup plan for when things go wrong. (9:12)

Being able to communicate your value through video and Skype is paramount. And if you practice the tips you learn in this podcast, you will have a competitive edge over your comptetition.

Plus, if you want more interview preparation resources, go to our and download the Interview Prep Sheet. This will ensure you have all your bases covered and are ready to crush your next interview and land the job you want.


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Jul 24, 2017

Having distributed teams is a common thing for many companies today. And sometimes their entire organisation is completely virtual.

As a consequence, doing phone interviews throughout the whole process is becoming more and more common.

Interviewing over the phone is a skill set that needs to be mastered like anything else. And for this reason, our entire show today is dedicated to this topic.

Executive phone interviews are very different from an in-person or video interview. They pose special challenges you need to be aware of. And when the job position you want is on the line, you need to know how to make the right impression.

Show highlights:

- The one crucial difference between a phone and an in-person interview. (2:17)
- The “real” reason why hiring managers opt for that first phone interview. (2:56)
- Why you should always ask to schedule the interview in advance. (5:02)
- One huge advantage of “dressing up” even if nobody sees you. (5:45)
- How to avoid dropped calls or poor connections. (7:30)
- What the tone of your voice and the way you speak can say about you. (11:30)
- One topic you should never bring up first. (13:30)

Ready to nail your phone interview and move on to the next stage of the process?

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If you want more preparation resources, go to our and download your free Interview Prep Sheet. This will ensure you have all your bases covered and are ready to crush your next interview and land the job you want!

Jul 17, 2017

As you progress through your career you will come across some hiring managers that are inexperienced in conducting interviews.

However, even if the person evaluating you has never done this before, you still need to win them over.  You need to show that you’re the right candidate for the job so you get to the next stage in the process.

In today’s podcast you’ll discover some strategies how to deal with an inexperienced interviewer successfully.

Show highlights:

- How to handle your initial reaction when you realize you’re dealing with an inexperienced interviewer. (2:47)

- The one thing even the most inexperienced interviewers are looking for in a candidate. (3:02)

- How to “save” the interview when the interviewer is terrible at asking the right questions. (3:43)

- The best way to win anyone over without sounding condescending. (4:03)

- The one tactic that won’t  help you advance through the interview process. (6:47)

Plus, if you’re looking for additional interview tactics and strategies, go to and download your free Interview Prep Sheet.


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Jul 10, 2017

“Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?”

How many times have this happened to you: You thought the interviews was going great, you’ve been asked to come back for a second or third interview and then, all of a sudden, the question pops up.

Can’t they see it from your resume? Why do they need to ask you when your credentials are right in front of them and, they’ve asked you to come back?

But here’s the thing. There’s a reason why a hiring manager asks you if you think you’re over qualified. And the way you answer it might literally mean the difference between you getting that job or not.

On today’s podcast we’re going to talk about how to effectively handle the “Aren’t you overqualified?” interview question in five different ways so you can move on to the next phase and nail that the interview!

Show highlights:

- Why it’s good news if they ask you “Aren’t you overqualified?” (2:30)

- How NOT to answer this question. (4:20)

- The one thing every hiring manager is hoping to find in the answer you give. (6:25)

- How to convey WHY they should hire you and your excitement for the position. (7:28)

- Do you think you failed the interview because you were over qualified? Wrong! Discover why the real reason you didn’t get the job is something you can “fix” by a simple change in your answers.(14:32)

Having this stage down can dramatically increase your confidence because you’ll know exactly what to answer.

And if you’re looking for additional interview tactics and strategies, go to, download your free prep-sheet and get ready to nail it on your next interview.

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Jul 3, 2017

There’s one interview question candidates fear the most: And that is the elusive “So, tell me about yourself..."

It doesn’t matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, everyone hates it. But the way you react to it and the answer you give can be extremely telling of your ability for an executive role.

Today’s episode will show you how best to prepare in advance so you avoid all potential land mines and bring your A-game to the challenge.

Show highlights: 

- The real reason why interviewers ask the elusive “Tell me about yourself” question. (1:03)

- The ONE thing you need to focus on when you’re preparing your answer. (2:15)

- How to walk the fine line between confidence and conceit. (3:49)

- How NOT to answer the question. (And how to avoid “rambling”.) (5:52)

- A simple tactic to make your answers short, sweet, and to the point. (8:25)

For more interview preparation resources head over to and download your complimentary Interview Prep Sheet. This will help you keep all your bases covered and crush your next job interview.

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