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Mar 27, 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today show!

Today’s topic is all about the next thing on your “Pretend you’re fired” list. And that is… your "career maintenance" activity.

You’re going to hear five most common mistakes smart executives make all the time and what to do to correct them. This will help you keep your network warm and always be on top of their mind.

Remember: The best time to create demand for you is when you don’t need it... so when necessity comes, the demand is going to be there for you.

Show highlights:

- The one essential element you need to have in place before you even start updating your profile or resume.(4:26)

- Signs that you’re not making any connections and keeping your network warm. (5:25)

- This one assumption is hurting competent high level people more than anything. (6:20)

- Why you shouldn’t use job boards. (7:34)

- How to become invaluable to your organization. (And to your boss!) (8:24)

And if you’re curious to see how fast you’d find a new position today if, suddenly, you’d lose your job? Go to, take the quiz, and get the score.

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Mar 20, 2017

In the previous episode we started talking about passive recruiting. And why you should start putting it into motion.

Let’s continue the conversation and move on to the second aspect of passive recruiting:

Keeping your network robust and always talking about you.

The benefit?

When recruiters ask around who is good at X, your network will point at YOU. Which means, recruiters (and hiring managers) will come to you first!

What you’ll hear today is one of the best ways to keep your network primed and active so you stay on top of their minds and create demand for you consistently.

Specifically, you will learn four simple ways to grow and unlock the power of your network using nothing but LinkedIn.

Show highlights:

  • One quick thing you can do starting today to prevent feeling awkward when calling people and asking for help. (3:24)
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups to grow your network and appear in searches more often… without spamming anyone. (4:26)
  • How to take advantage of your Status Update field so people start seeing you as a thought leader. (5:10)
  • A simple way to take conversations off social media and turn them into valuable connections. (5:50)
  • Do this and people will naturally want to help you when you need it most. (6:20)

And here’s the best part.

When you start implementing these four points into your weekly work life, you help your network do the work for you.

Next time someone says, “do you know anybody talented that does X,”  guess whose name will come up?

To get additional tips on how to strengthen this even further, go to and get your free LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet training.


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Mar 13, 2017

Welcome back to yet another action packed episode of Pretend You’re Fired Today!

It is time to think about PASSIVE RECRUITING. Meaning, getting found by recruiters and hiring managers when you are not actively looking for a job.

Once in motion, passive recruiting works like a well oiled machine, creating demand consistently… but you have to put all the elements in place, first.

And here’s the thing. When you have demand and recruiters call you regularly, you never have to worry if your company changes gears on you. Because you will always be current.

Listen to today’s episode and make sure you have the first aspect of passive recruiting in place:

Your optimized LinkedIn profile!

Show highlights:

  • One place you can always find trending keywords for your profile. (3:28)
  • How to use website traffic generation tactics to get more eyeballs on your profile page. (3:45)
  • An easy way to “reverse engineer” how recruiters and employers search for candidates like you. (4:07)
  • Why keywords such as “marketing” or “finance” are killing your chances to appear in LinkedIn searches. (4:50)
  • Additional keywords you must use in your profile if you’re working in tech, science, or medical fields. (5:40)
  • How to fix your Job Title field to boost your search rankings and stand out from your competition. (7:54)

But that’s not all!

Go to and download your free LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet to get additional tips to reinforce your profile and make sure you stay marketable to your network!

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Mar 6, 2017

Here’s the truth: Ageism in job search is real.


This doesn’t mean you should drop your towel and give up.

On the contrary… You should deal with this as you do with any other challenges you face in business.

Assume ageism happens and address it as best as you can, head on.

The best place to start? Your LinkedIn profile!

In this episode you’ll discover how to fix your LinkedIn profile so you always come across as current, avoid having discussions about your age... and make sure you’re only ever evaluated on your achievements alone.

In short: This episode will teach you how to make your profile ageless.

Show highlights:

  • What to do when you think you’re experiencing age bias. (5:04)


  • Two common statements you must avoid if you don’t want to come across as “old” or “dated”. (5:49)


  • When bragging about your past achievements can backfire on you and make you look old. (6:53)


  • One word that can make hiring managers think "French fries" instead of “I want to hire this person!” (Warning: This word is so common chances are it’s in your profile right now!) (7:06)


  • Latest trends for keeping your LinkedIn profile modern. (You’d be surprised how much they changed in the last 3 years!) (7:36)


  • How to be “ageless” on LinkedIn without hiding or lying about your age. (8:07)


  • Language that makes you look and sound old. (8:35)
  • What is LinkedIn profile’s “Kiss Of Death” and how to avoid it. (8:45)

Go to, download your free LinkedIn profile cheat sheet copy… and get ready to rejuvenate your profile today.

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